About Me

 I make classic jewellery in my Sheffield studio using traditional goldsmithing techniques, inspired mostly by plants and organic shapes. Each piece is handcrafted, and design starts with me drawing in silver wire, manipulating it, testing where the lines flow, and discovering what looks right as it comes along. I am quite a believer in the happy accident. I believe that jewellery grows with you. It picks up memories, experiences the things we experience, and grows its own rich history. 


My current collections are based upon the Peace Lily sat in my workshop, and the Echeveria Purpusorum on the window ledge which bring me great joy as I watch them grow, much like the jewellery I make. 

Alongside my collections I also make bespoke pieces. I adore creating wedding rings.  They are pieces of jewellery which have so much emotion invested in them. There is nothing better than creating something that is so meaningful, cherished, and will be filled with memories for years to come.


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Emma Pearson

Fine Jewellery Made in Sheffield
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